The C.Y.A. Plan

Cover Your assets

What is The C.Y.A. Plan?

The C.Y.A. Plan (cover your assets) is beyond the legal documents of Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney. While that planning is essential, it just isn’t enough to truly ensure your family is protected.

The C.Y.A. plan is about doing everything you can to make things as easy and simple as possible at a critical time when your loved ones need it most by allowing Burch Law to take much of the burden by doing a lot of the heavy lifting for you and providing a way to help get you organized.

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Original Traditional Value-Based Plan versus the C.Y.A. Plan

While the Burch Law Traditional Plan is essential, the additional benefits of The C.Y.A. Plan provide the next level of value and service, assisting you in achieving the goals that you set when you thought you just needed a Will or Trust. While all (*) services in the chart below are available for a fee, you can reap the benefits of all listed through The C.Y.A. Plan.

Traditional Plan The C.Y.A. Plan
Strategy session with an experienced estate planning attorney In office signing appointment with notary and witnesses provided by firm
Written instructions and checklist for how to designate beneficiaries and set up financial accounts
General guidance and recommendation to determine the best way to set up accounts and beneficiaries
Drafts provided within 5 business days (Traditional Plan 14)
Up to three draft reviews with an attorney (Traditional Plan 1 Review)
Priority signing appointment within 5 business days after drafts are approved by you
One on one review of assets and debts portfolio to help determine the best way to set up accounts and beneficiaries
Complimentary meeting with your financial advisor, insurance agent, or CPA
Complimentary calls or communication with financial institutions to assist with how your accounts or beneficiaries are set up
First priority appointments: if you have a question for an attorney, we will get back to you within 48 hours
Complimentary family meeting to discuss your plan
Access to the CYA Organizer (formerly the Will Memorandum) online app at no charge
Quarterly check-ins to see if you have questions or need assistance with your planning
Unlimited assistance with changing and updating beneficiaries on your assets to ensure they coordinate with your plan
Reduced rate for changes to documents after signing
Yearly checklist of any life changes
Complimentary “essentials package for young adults” (medical power of attorney, HIPAA medical record release, and financial power of attorney for children that are over 18)
Invitation to exclusive client updates and appreciation events (virtual and in person)
Complimentary meeting with spouse, family, or loved ones once you pass
For business owners: complimentary review with one of our attorneys
If you have a revocable living trust: will do deed work if a mortgage company requires your home to be out of your trust for refinancing or home equity loans (filings fees not included)
If you have a revocable living trust: assistance with refiling homestead exemption if clerk mistakenly removes (occasionally happens)
If you have a revocable living trust: will contact home and/or car insurance for home and/or car in trust name
If you have a revocable living trust: Will locate and assist with attorneys in other states where you have real estate

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