Meet the Team

Lorie Burch

Meet the Owner & Founding Attorney

Lorie Burch

Cyntia Frederick

Cyntia S. Frederick Operations Manager

Kimberly Kantor

Kimberly M. Kantor Business & Client Care Manager

Morgan Darling

Morgan Darling Attorney

Sruti Gopalakrishnan

Sruti Gopalakrishnan Attorney

Grant Williams

Grant Williams Case Manager

Lauren Rezek

Lauren Rezek Client Onboarding Director

Gabriella Vallez

Gabriella Vallez Client Concierge

Sam Anderson

Sam Anderson Administrative Assistant

Sara Gipson

Sara Gipson Marketing Coordinator

Marcel Williams

Marcel Williams Legal Receptionist

Jordan Fox

Jordan Fox Case Manager Emeritus

Peggy The Pegasus

Peggy Company Mascot

Burch Law
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