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My wife and I cannot help but applaud you and your group for the level of professionalism, dedication to our needs, desires to put fears to rest, and delivery of a product that was truly a burden resolved.  You all worked like family and made us feel like family.  Words are sometimes  meaningless but positive action resonates truth as well as desire and you all gave us the greatest of positive action that anyone could ask for.  We know we have a sturdy foundation to help us in our needs for the future due to the help received in the past.

Mike & Anna


Lorie assisted me through the entire probate process. I was very impressed with her level of professionalism and integrity. I would highly recommend Lorie.

Robert – Dallas, Texas


Lorie Burch took one of the scariest things I had to do and turned it into a pleasant experience. I would have continued to put off creating a will if I hadn’t met Lorie and saw how easy the process could be.

Jeff – Plano, Texas


Lorie has the ability to turn what may be thought of as a dismal task into an effortless and methodical exercise in responsibility. No one in our community should be caught without taking advantage of her services.

Mike & Wade – Dallas, Texas


Lorie made the process understandable easy and even exciting. Her knowledge and insight on how to protect ourselves as a same sex couple was thorough and comprehensive. We could never of done this on our own. She has provided such an amazing service and given us the peace of mind we were looking for! Thank you Lorie!

Larry & KC – Frisco, Texas


Lorie helped me successfully navigate the probate process after my aunt passed away. During such a sad and stressful time, she handled my case with sensitivity and compassion. I felt extremely comfortable with her expertise and was amazed at how accessible she was to me, whether by phone or email. She explained the legal process in understandable terms, so that I knew what to expect every step of the way. I truly appreciate her professionalism and will employ her legal services in the future without hesitation.

Kara – Dallas, Texas


Before I met with Lorie I had no idea of how complex the laws are regarding wills and probates. However, Lorie made something complex simple because she breaks things down into easy to understand language. She knew how to ask the right questions to assure that the will she crafted was what I wanted to benefit me and my love ones. One of the things I most appreciate about Lorie is how accessible she was and continues to be. If you think all lawyers are the same, as I once did, and you don’t know who you can trust to do the ‘right thing’, give Lorie a call. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Rodger – Dallas, Texas


We had procrastinated, as many people do, and were long overdue to update the documents we knew we needed in order to protect our family. We were referred to Lorie by friends, and scheduled our first appointment to start the process. Throughout the entire engagement we felt comfortable, and more importantly confident that Lorie was addressing all of our Legal needs. She was insightful in recommending options available and was very generous with her time, we never felt like “just a number”. Lorie worked with our schedule and addressed our individual needs to put together a comprehensive packet of documents that gives us peace of mind knowing our kids, and each other, are taken care of…

Beth & Mary – Highland Village, Texas


I truly do not know how parents can sleep at night knowing they do not have a Will in place. I know I cannot control the fact that something unexpected might happen to my husband or myself. But I do feel better knowing I have done everything in my control to make sure they are taken care of in that situation. I would not trust this big of a responsibility to an internet site or software. I interviewed with Lorie prior to completing my will and made sure she was the person for the job and I could put my child’s future in her hands. She was very thorough and comprehensive. She presented many scenarios that you had not thought of (this was the MOST important part – everything was covered). She was even there for me several months later after our Wills and additional documents were completed to provide me with a document to ensure my child could get medical attention while we left her with a relative when we would be on a trip. Lorie took care of all of our estate planning so I could worry about everything else that comes with being a mom!

Becca - Murphy, Texas


When you first meet Lorie, you immediately feel the passion that motivates her to help prepare families for the most emotional time of their lives. When I first got divorced, she was able to explain why it was so important to change my will for my kids. I did not want my financial gifts to be given to the wrong person and I wanted to make sure my children would be in the custody of the right people. Now that I am getting remarried, Lorie has been able to explain to me what would happen if I did not get my will changed again. Her patience with me in explaining all the special circumstances has made me feel so good. I have peace of mind knowing that my family is prepared if anything were to happen to me. Lorie is a person of high integrity who I hold close to my heart and family. Thank you!

Cindy - Plano, Texas


I am happy to send in a “Job Well Done” for Lorie. We used Lorie for our Will and related documents and were very pleased with the work she did. Lorie is very “Easy Going” but gets the job done. She has the ability and personality to explain things simply but clearly. We have recommended Lorie to several friends and family members, many of who have used her to prepare their Wills and related documents.

Thanks to Lorie for all of your help and your continued availability to answer questions as needed.

Rod - Frisco

Burch Law
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