Estate Planning Essentials For Parents

Livestream and Q&A with Lorie Burch

Thursday, June 15 at 11 AM / 5 PM

Protecting your children's future: estate planning essentials for parents

Wills vs. Trusts: which is the right choice for your family's needs

Importance of guardianship for your children

Specific documents to consider (especially for your 18+ kids & recent graduates)

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About the Livestream and Q&A

As a parent, you want to do everything possible to protect your family's future. However, many of us overlook one crucial aspect of planning for our loved ones: estate planning.

The livestream and Q&A will be held on Thursday, June 15 at two different times: 11am and 5pm — choose the one that works best for your schedule!

Burch Law has 18 years of experience helping families like yours plan for the future. We know that estate planning can be overwhelming, but we strive to make the process as simple as possible for you and your family.

What's In It For You?

Clarity: Gain essential knowledge and equip yourself with the information you need to make informed decisions for your family's future.
Peace of mind: You'll learn the proactive steps you can take now to protect your loved ones and assets, so you can rest easy knowing everything is in order.
Get our FREE guide: You'll receive our comprehensive estate planning guide for Texans, packed with valuable insights.

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