5 Reasons to Get Your Will Done NOW

You're Losing Money by Waiting

How? The reality is you're going to pay, whether it's now or later.

The question is do you want a say in what happens and what your family will go through?

The question is do you want a say in what happens and what your family will go through?

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You're losing money two ways:

1. The costs of doing a Will and estate plan continue to go up, so get it done now with a firm that can build in a lot of contingencies, and you will save money over doing it later.

2. Of course, doing nothing and then it's too late - the costs of probate will be at least 3 times the cost of a plan NOW...and the State will make all your decisions!


It Doesn't Take as Much Time as You Think

Many people put this planning off because they think they have to gather a ton of information, fill out a bunch of paperwork, have all your decisions perfectly made, and schedule a lot of appointments.

While some firms may work that way, it doesn't have to be that way.

Firms like Burch Law...who am I kidding, there are no firms like us...but there are other reputable, high-quality firms, and, like us, they have systems set up for efficiency.

For example, you can take 15 minutes to fill out our exclusive online questionnaire, spend 1 meeting talking to an attorney, review drafts, and schedule 1 meeting to sign it all.

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Now, some people like more time and hand-holding, but it really can be that simple to get a solid estate plan in place. And, you can always make changes and updates as things change.


It's an Act of Love

Sound silly? I guess...until you really think about it.

I probably drive my kids nuts, because I tell them all the time, "I don't want you to just say you love me. I want you to show me. Show me you love me and appreciate me by keeping your room clean, taking out the trash without complaining, showing good manners."

I think having a Will and estate plan is the same thing.

A lot of us talk about how much we love our family, our spouse, our kids...how we would do anything for them.

Yet, 70% of those people also don't have a Will or estate plan. Is that really showing them that we love them? That we care about them? That we didn't take the time to plan for something that could happen ANY DAY?

They weren't valuable enough to us to find the time and money to do it right so that when we're gone it truly will be as easy as possible?

Is this the story you want to tell your loved ones about how you feel about them?

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It's Like an Insurance Policy, But Costs Less!

Homeowners insurance averages around $3,000.

Every. Single. Year.

Whether you have a claim or not.

And when you do, there's a giant deductible. But do you regret having it? If it starts to hail, do you have time to get insurance?

Having a solid estate plan is like insurance...and it's a lot less!

You don't know when you're going to need it...but you know you will.

Isn't it worth paying that amount once, or even a few times, in your entire life to avoid an expensive and prolonged probate court process?


And My Favorite Reason

If you don't have a Will, the State of Texas has one for you - do you trust them enough to keep you and your family protected?

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