Build Your WILL or Estate Plan | virtual workshops

Learn about your options and put your wishes on paper. Walk away with a fully customized plan.

60 Minutes. Free to Attend.

Please note: This workshop is strictly for Texas residents only.


Join us for our live workshop and draft a legitimate Will or estate plan tailored to your family's needs.

Protect Your Home

In Texas, your home will not automatically go to your spouse if you pass away. Learn about your options to fix that.

Avoid Financial Burdens

It can easily cost over $7,000 to sort out who should inherit your house and assets. Find out how to protect your hard-earned savings.

Maintain Your Privacy

Without a Will or estate plan, your friends will be dragged into the weeds. We'll cover all the bases and keep your dirty laundry where it belongs.

Stop Putting It Off

You know the importance of planning for your future; it's time to stop putting it off.

It doesn't get easier than this.

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Build Your Plan

By the end of the workshop, you'll walk away with a fully crafted draft of your Will or estate plan.

Official drafts will be sent over within 14 days of signing your new agreement and submitting payment. From there you'll schedule your signing time.

Please note: This workshop is strictly for Texas residents only.


60 Minutes

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100% Online

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Completely Free

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Meet Your Host

Lorie Burch, Owner & Founding Attorney of Burch Law

Lorie Burch is a distinguished lawyer and the owner of Burch Law, based in Dallas, TX. Since starting the practice in 2005, she has become a trusted authority in the intricacies of legacy planning and the experiences we leave to our loved ones after we're gone.

Lorie Burch


1. Your Legal Options

We'll talk through your legal options here in Texas and shine a light on the most important pieces to consider before drafting a Will, trust, or estate plan.

2. Estate Blueprint Designer

Together, we'll complete a series of questions to tackle these big decisions - one small step at a time. If you're not quite sure, that's okay. Nothing is final yet.

3. Q&A

You'll have a chance to get your questions answered by our Founder, Lorie Burch. Lorie will be taking questions for the final 15 minutes of the workshop.


Use the form below to register for our upcoming workshop. Upon successful registration, you will be emailed instructions for joining our virtual workshop and creating an account with our Estate Blueprint Designer.

After the workshop, you will have the option of engaging with our team to finalize your documents.

Please note: This workshop is strictly for Texas residents only.

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