What is your vision for your children’s future? Now imagine it if something happened to you.

By Lorie L. Burch, Owner and Founding Attorney of Burch Law

I had kids later in life. I often tell people that the great thing about having kids in your 40s is you already know what it’s like to feel tired all the time. In all seriousness, it truly has been one of the greatest gifts in my life. I enjoy every stage my daughters go through and think about all the life events they’ll experience, and frankly, as someone who was bullied, I also think about how much I want to protect them from things I know I just cannot.

Instead, I work on instilling values, compassion, and resiliency in them so they can weather the storms that life can throw. We spend time planning birthday parties, going on playdates, talking about our next vacation. For the older ones, we talk about what kind of careers they may want and what colleges they want to go to. I remember as a kid how exciting Christmas time was and how magical Christmas Eve was imagining waking up the next morning. As I got older, of course, that magic wears off, but now that my daughter is 3, she is living that excitement and it brings all those feelings back.

It may not be for everyone, but for me, having children has brought so much to my life. There is such a vision of their lives that we have as parents. What is the vision you have for your children’s future? Now imagine it if something happened to you. Who will guide them, nurture them, protect them, teach them the life lessons you want them to learn? I know you probably don’t want to think about that, but it’s why we do the work we do at Burch Law. As a parent, I’ve had to contemplate it and make a plan for their future.

The reality is your kids are counting on you to take care of them…whether you’re here or not.

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Let Burch Law help you put a plan in place to ensure your children’s future will be as bright as you imagine.

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