Becca • Murphy, Texas

“I truly do not know how parents can sleep at night knowing they do not have a Will in place. I know I cannot control the fact that something unexpected might happen to my husband or myself. But I do feel better knowing I have done everything in my control to make sure they are taken care of in that situation. I would not trust this big of a responsibility to an internet site or software. I interviewed with Lorie prior to completing my will and made sure she was the person for the job and I could put my child’s future in her hands. She was very thorough and comprehensive. She presented many scenarios that you had not thought of (this was the MOST important part – everything was covered). She was even there for me several months later after our Wills and additional documents were completed to provide me with a document to ensure my child could get medical attention while we left her with a relative when we would be on a trip. Lorie took care of all of our estate planning so I could worry about everything else that comes with being a mom!!”