Other Estate Planning

In addition to  Wills & Trusts, Directives to Physicians/Living Wills, and Power of Attorney, there are other legal documents you should consider adding to your estate planning portfolio.


  1. Appointment of Agent to Control Disposition of Remains – This document allows you to specify one or more individuals to be in control of your funeral and burial arrangements.  This document also allows you to specify your wishes regarding such arrangements.
  2. Gift By A Living Donor – This document allows you to make organ, tissue or body part donations and to specify whether such donations can be used for medical, scientific or education purposes.
  3. Declaration of Guardian in Event of Later Incapacity or Need of Guardian – This document allows adults to designate one or more individuals to be his or her guardian if s/he is declared incapacitated or incompetent.
  4. Designation of Agent to Make Health Care Decisions for Children– This document allows you to appoint one or more individuals to make health care decisions for your child or children.  Consent may be given for medical, dental, psychological, and surgical treatment.  This document also gives the appointed individuals the right to travel with the child or children if needed.
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