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What Happens When You Don't Have a Plan?

You can look for legal education on the internet…you can ask strangers on social media…or you can learn from legal experts with over 20 years of experience who have been doing the work! I’ve got a secret for you…lawyers make MORE money when you DON’T plan or you plan POORLY.

The reality is 70% of adults do not have a Will or any Estate Plan. Another 15% have inadequate planning that is either out of date, out of state, or just cut-rate, meaning they’ve done these terrible online Will forms, other Estate Planning programs, or went with the cheapest law firm they could find.

Our primary objective is to motivate YOU to not be one of the 85%, to not leave a mess for your loved ones, and to not let the government make all of your decisions. Even if it is not with our firm, we hope that this educational series will inspire you to take action…before it’s too late!

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