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How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

Thursday, January 18  at 11:30am

Why get started now?

We think we have all the time in the world...until we don't. Do you want regret to be the only thing your family is holding on to?

Protect Your Home

In Texas, your home will not automatically go to your spouse if you pass away. Learn about your options to fix that.

Avoid Financial Burdens

It can easily cost over $7,000 to sort out who should inherit your house and assets. Find out how to protect your hard-earned savings.

Maintain Your Privacy

Without a Will or estate plan, your loved ones will be dragged into the weeds. We'll cover all the bases and keep your dirty laundry where it belongs.

Your plan, the way you want it

The Choose Your Own Adventure plans don't just provide Texans with the plan they want…but the WAY they want it.

Unlike other law firms, you don’t have to fit into our one standard way of doing things.

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You play a part in what your estate plan will cost

We have plans designed to give you the degree of guidance you want and need.

If you end up needing more assistance, you can pay for what you need, when you need it.

What You'll Learn

Legal Insights

Get insights into how you can be the hero of your family's estate planning journey. Avoid legal battles and save your family time, money, and heartache.

Choose Your Own Adventure

We'll cover how our Choose Your Own Adventure plans offer flexibility and customization for your family's estate planning.


Get your questions answered with the expert, Lorie Burch.

Meet Your Host

Lorie Burch, Owner & Founding Attorney of Burch Law

Lorie Burch is a distinguished lawyer and the owner of Burch Law, based in Dallas, TX. Since starting the practice in 2005, she has become a trusted authority in the intricacies of legacy planning and the experiences we leave to our loved ones after we're gone.

Lorie Burch

A Sneak Peek into your adventure

The Estate Defender

You have defended your estate against the dangers of probate chaos.

The Legacy Protector

You have protected your loved ones and legacy from leaving a mess.

The Superhero

You have saved the day and done all you can to ensure that everything will be as easy as possible. YOU are the hero of your own story.


Burch Law
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